Monday, July 25, 2011


Playing off my last post, I took a few Instagram photos of our home. It’s been a few months since we’ve been living here, and everything is coming together nicely.…Welcome to our humble abowed!

{1. my nightstand in my room 2. rug 3. clock in my craft room 4. mushrooms on my night stand 5. my nightstand in my room 6. extra fabric jar in craft room 7. owls in 2nd living room 8. scarves in my room 9. curtains and handmade pom poms and banner in craft room 10. cookie jar 11. window in 1st living room 12. pillows in 1st living room 13. fire place dream catcher and polaroids 14. suitcases in hallway 15. craft room shelves 16. honey bear 17. photos in 1st living room 18. shadow box in 1st living room}