Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seattle Photo Diary

In February I had the pleasure of taking a girls trip to Seattle and Portland c/o the ladies from Salty not Sweet, Candra Squire and Melissa Klimo. We stayed in Seattle for a day and a half, and then rented a car and took a road trip to the beautiful Portland, Oregon.
After all the commotion of the airport, our first stop in Seattle was Public Market to get fresh food and coffee. The cool thing about Public Market is the first Starbucks -EVER- is right across the street. It's pretty cool to see how big of a corporation Starbucks became from just a small corner coffee shop in Seattle. I loved all the commotion and people Public Market brings, it reminds me of the West Side Market in Cleveland.
We had the pleasure of being invited to Seattle's biggest handmade trade show, so after we ate we ventured there. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take any pictures of the merchandise before it hits stores, but it was my first 'buying' experience at a large trade show, but what an awesome learning experience! I can't wait to open up my own store and go to tons of trade shows in different cities, by far my favorite part about Seattle!!
After the trade show we went to a fancy italian spot for pasta, indulged in whiskey and martinis all night, went inside every bar we could possibly find, danced our asses off at a couple, had heart to hearts at others, attempted to go to a strip club but never actually made it to one, ate way too much pizza, met a few new friends, and social networked way too much..
All in all, I'd say our trip to Seattle was a success and all around shit show. I loved every minute of it!

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