Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I may or may not be addicted to online shopping..

One of the many perks of making jewelry is bartering with other artists/collectors! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with an item that was too expensive, but the artist/collector was willing to trade a couple pieces of jewelry for it instead. This week I went a little overboard and spent/traded way too much but! New York’s in 2 weeks so it’s worth it.

Vintage Duffle Bag $130

Vintage lizard bracelet valued at $50; traded 2 necklaces

MARC JACOBS cheetah print pants valued at $70; traded 3 necklaces

2012 Calendar: valued at $30; traded 1 necklace

STEVE MADDEN Grettta Platforms on sale for $95 on Pipelime.com!

Leopard Bracelet on sale for $22

Vintage owl bracelet valued at $45; traded 2 necklaces

Vintage COACH purse valued at $25; traded 1 necklace

MARC JACOBS cuff valued at $30; traded 2 necklaces

Ozma the cutest little otter stuffed animal EVER; traded 3 necklaces


  1. oooooh wow i would have traded a ton for that duffle bag.. soooo cute!

  2. You have some great things. I am in love with the Marc Jacobs cuff! xx